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    "The path to enlightenment is not a straight one, Spirituality is a journey many walk alone, yet the steps we take, we take together...."

    Welcome to Energy Flows
    Our goal is a simple one  -  to open doors for each other and allow those whom wish to walk through...... so we are student and teacher alike - we are all one - made of the same energy -  we come together to share and grow  - to allow our energy...

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  • 20141105
    So who is the real you? I consider looking at a child and the pure innocence is a great example. Before society picked and wired your brain you had happiness from pure existence and amazement of all around you. It should be no different now. We only forget who we really are which is spirit/energy. I would love your opinion. Very Happy

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  • 20141008
    i wrote question in topic . don't know what it is . but seeing if i'm at rite place..   was asking about clairesence.  not the audio

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  • 20141021
    " Getting to Know your Aura"
                        Your Etheric Field is the Light Force which is part of you. It is actually "You" and everything you ever done in this life and pass life's is there as Energy to be access by anyone. In order to learn to communicate with Spirit we must first learn how our Aura Works. By sitting in silence and " Seen" and breathing your Aura out you can more easily connect with your Guides. You Aura is 360 Degrees around your body and in meditation it can be expanded as far as you like, even passed our Universe if it feels comfortable to you. When we become proficient...

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  • 20141021
    For years I’ve suffered from anxiety, not the crippling kind where you can’t walk into a room full of people but the kind that hits you out of no where, doesn’t stick around very long or leaves as quickly as came.  Sometimes I’ll be driving, sitting in my home or out and about.  For years I thought I needed to medicate, I never did but it always crossed my mind that if I did, I’d have an easier time focusing and speaking to people.  For the first time ever I experienced anxiety that I new for sure wasn’t all in my head but the fact that I was in a home encompassed in spirit.  So for those who have...

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  • 20140405
    Karmic Law is the result of choices we make, consciously or unconsciously and the cause and effect of the consequent actions that result. By unconscious choice, most times reactions, consequences result. By conscious choice, most times thought provoked responses, consequences result.

    The Law of Integrity, whether obeyed or not obeyed, sets up the consequences of action both "good" and "bad" as a ripple effect which turns into a wave and ultimately a tidal wave. Obeyed laws create "positive" consequences and disobeyed laws create "negative" consequences.

    Ultimately, all...

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  • 20140630
    Ghost or spirit - whats the difference? by Tracey
    Ghost or spirit - whats the difference?
    Some will say they are but the same but they are actually very different.
    I ghost is a recording in time.  It is but an image of energy from the past replaying.  If you happen to be in the right place at the right time you will witness it. You actually need...

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  • 20140519
    Feel soooo drained out !! I feel in need of a crystal but dnt knw exactly witch one to get or how to pick the rite one for ne in need of a little help plz. !!!!

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  • 20140521
    Transformation comes from within the scope of self understanding. When we conquer ourselves we relinquish that which had been dormant during our life time here. We begin to SEE things which we never thought was possible and we stop judging and start accepting the fact that we are Spirit in human form. Our Soul wears many Masks, and our gender changes many times during our many life's here. We take back with us the lessons we have accomplish and sit on the table of knowledge for our life's revue. You sit with the Masters and bow your head on the things you are not so proud of. Everything...

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  • 20140418
    [size=14]Rubén Quiterio
    21 hrs

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  • 20140410
    Finding the Looking Within
    [size=24]Finding the Looking Within [/size]

    Find the Looking Within  By JJ Wicks as communicated to Tracey Wilson:
    When we encounter any new experience, as a child we look towards our elders and our peers to make sense of it. We take their learnt experience and trust...

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  • 20140405
    LoL you did it RubyQ!   cheers  cheers  cheers

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  • 20140404
    When we are reborn we shed many layers of despair. We live our lives trapped in the cocoon of ego. When we finally realise,that our life has changed for the better and an outer body experience has brought us to see our true selves potential, we shed that old self and are reborn to Fly. We become free with no limitations of the self. We look at life from a different perspective and understanding of the world. Our Wings are fragile and time will heal our fears...

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  • 20140404
    How the cocoon became the butterfly – Energy Flows and what its all about…..
    [size=24]How the cocoon became the butterfly – Energy Flows and what its all about…..[/size]
    By Tracey...

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