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Getting to know your Aura

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Getting to know your Aura Empty Getting to know your Aura

" Getting to Know your Aura"
                    Your Etheric Field is the Light Force which is part of you. It is actually "You" and everything you ever done in this life and pass life's is there as Energy to be access by anyone. In order to learn to communicate with Spirit we must first learn how our Aura Works. By sitting in silence and " Seen" and breathing your Aura out you can more easily connect with your Guides. You Aura is 360 Degrees around your body and in meditation it can be expanded as far as you like, even passed our Universe if it feels comfortable to you. When we become proficient in this we don't need to meditate in order to control our Aura. This will happen automatically as you learn to trust and give what you are getting. This is how your Guides connect with you and the partnership which was created between you and them goes back before we came here. It is good to practice expanding your Aura and retracting it as to learn how to Control it. We must practice expanding it from the top of our heads, through the bottom of us as well as in front, back and sides.  When we do psychic readings we are using our Aura as it expands from us to search for the information contained in a sitter's Etheric Field. This is very tiring and is best to drink water when we do this. When we connect with Spirit (Mediumship) it is quite different. We are not searching for information for Our Guides bring the Spirit through to us and remain at our side( right side slightly behind us) and make sure things are running fine. If our connection gets lowered because when we get a " No" answer from the sitter we tend to pull our Aura back towards our body. By visualizing pushing our Aura out our connection with Spirit is strengthen again.Our main guide is there at our side and we are never alone.  This is what I call a pyramid connecting which is between the Medium,your Main Guide and the Spirit which is coming through to give a message. In understanding how our Guides work with us is also important. Guides will use Symbols to help us figure out the message and also things that are part of our life here can be introduce as a message. If I get a Spirit coming through and the person is dancing in front of me it is my " Symbol" that when that person was here on Earth he/she had an issue with the legs. I am always right with that and it has become my symbol. Another symbol is Spirit coming through and he/she does not look me in the eyes and keeps their head down as in shame it is my " Symbol" that the person took their own life. By practicing you will start building a list of symbols which Spirit will impress into your mind. Start writing them down and your language with Spirit will start to build. When we are finish just tell your Guides that you want them to move away from your Aura as to finish the reading. Always end the reading with "Words" the sitter can understand that you are ending the reading. You can use,  " your love one in spirit is pulling away", " they are happy and not in pain any longer"
" they are always with you and watching over you". Always leave the sitter feeling better than when they came for a reading. Always remember to say thank you to your Guides for connecting with you. 

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