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Grief during the Holidays

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Grief during the Holidays Empty Grief during the Holidays

Post by laura.mayohall on Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:00 am

Friday night I had a rare evening where I was alone.  My husband had to leave for work early and my daughter was staying with family out of town.  I stay so busy normally between my job as a preschool teacher, Mom, Wife, etc that this rare moment was almost unsettling to me.  So I decided to take a drive around town looking at the Christmas lights and jam out to some music.  On my drive, I felt a sudden sadness, to the point where I started to cry.  I lost my Mom to cancer nine years ago this past May and her birthday and my parents 45th wedding anniversary were on December 12th.  I miss her so much, she was my confidant, best friend, shoulder to lean on always.  I just felt so sad Sad I dried up my tears as best as I could to go to dinner at a restaurant.  I noticed when I pulled into the parking lot my sadness changed, but didn't know why.  Then, as I was finding a parking spot, I spotted a woman.  She was in the dark, all alone in her car in the parking lot just crying all by herself.  In this journey I have learned that one of my gifts is being an empath.  The sadness she felt was different from mine.  I felt the sadness of abuse from her, that someone had mistreated her in some way to the point she just couldn't hold it in any longer.  I just wanted to run over to her and hug her!  I sat in my car in the dark and said a prayer for her.  There really is so much sadness in this world from so many, being an empath I've felt it all my life coming from other people, all during the year and not just during the Holidays.  Today I had a little chat with my Spirit Guides and they explained to me that our journeys here are a gift from God. A gift that gives every day you take a breath here on Earth, not just during the Holidays.  When you feel the unbearable pain of losing a loved on, just remember also that their soul and the relationship you had with them is a gift to you from Him.  The memory of the relationship and GOOD times you shared is so precious and should be respected and cherished <3  I do feel we're put here for our souls journey, to grow and learn as much as we can while we're here.  Part of that growing is the relationship that you had with that loved one that passed.  I will be the first to tell you, when my Mom passed all I felt was sadness and in my mind relived her last days in pain and agony.  I recently connected with my Mom in Heaven with the help of a very dear person I met in this group.  She explained to my friend she had a very important job as a teacher in Heaven and a lot of things made sense to me!  Next time you feel like you can't go on another day, just think about the GIFT He gave you.  The relationship you had with your loved on who has passed.  Forget the pain or the pain they might have had before they passed.  I do feel like your guardian angels take your soul before you feel the pain of your passing.  Open the "gift" of the relationship you had with that loved one daily and cherish it like it's a precious diamond that's unique and all yours, because it is!  Remember all the happy times and know that they're wishing you the best while your still on your journey here on Earth.  Know someday when your journey is done, you will be reunited again with all those precious people in your life.  What a day that will be! For those of you wondering, "Why am I still here??" Or thinking, "I should have died a long time ago!", just know your souls journey isn't finished here yet!  There is a reason your life is taking the path it is and one day it will all be revealed.  Why not make it a daily mission to make a positive impact on another person in a way that will also make you feel good at the same time?  Just remember, your relationships are something money can't buy and no one can take away from you!  It's a gift you can open up every day, no Holiday needed!! I felt the need to post this for someone in the hopes they read it <3 Much love and light to each of you reading this, Namaste

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