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Welcome and Forum Rules

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Welcome and Forum Rules Empty Welcome and Forum Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:03 am

"The path to enlightenment is not a straight one, Spirituality is a journey many walk alone, yet the steps we take, we take together...."

Welcome to Energy Flows
Our goal is a simple one  -  to open doors for each other and allow those whom wish to walk through...... so we are student and teacher alike - we are all one - made of the same energy -  we come together to share and grow  - to allow our energy to flow....

Whether you are a natural born medium, empath or healer, if you have a deep spiritual connection or have taken classes and have questions on how best to connect. Each person has their own belief structure and all are welcome here. We are a group of gifted individuals on a path of higher learning- being teacher and students for each other. If you choose to try and develop your own gift - you may realize you can do the same thing- to help yourselves along and believe that there is so much to you and all there is.

All we ask is that you are good at heart, respect others views even if they do not fit your own. Lead by example or even learn by example. Every person connects differently to what gifts they have. You could have a deep connection to God, the earth, animals, people or even spirit that has crossed over.

We hope to learn and grow from each others experience and make it a truth for ourselves for ultimately we alone know our path but sometimes forget it.

As long as your intent is pure of heart - you are welcome here. ( just leave your ego at the door).


There is no charge for joining this Forum! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. 

Energy Flows is a place where it's okay to be yourself as long as you always act with respect for your fellow members as well as the Admin staff. 

You are not expected to leave your personality at the door. There are going to be topics and discussions that will have heated debates. Keep your comments limited to the debate at hand and do not make this a personal issue between you and another member.

There is tremendous diversity in age, race, gender, language and location; and there will be a lot of varying opinions on different subjects. We're all human beings and we're all drawn to this site because we have a common bond.

If you come across any violations to these guidelines or have any problems navigating the site, do not hesitate to let us know. We'll be happy to address your concerns. 

Be Welcoming
When newcomers arrive, welcome them to our growing community. Many of our community's senior members are a wealth of knowledge and have much to share. Help new members learn about how to find information and resources, save time, and how to get involved in the Community.

Be Courteous
Personal attacks on others will not be tolerated. Challenge others' points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully.

Be Cautious
Think before you post: Do you really want to put your address or telephone number on a public discussion forum? We encourage you to keep personal information personal.

In the same vein, do not ask for personal information from others. Discussion forum posts that request members to submit personal information to another party will be removed. Information that should be considered personal includes but is not limited to your home phone number, name, and age. If you must give this out for any reason, please do so privately.

Be Appropriate
There may be places where explicit, obscene or vulgar language, graphics or behavior is appropriate however this not one of those places. Posts containing explicit, obscene or vulgar language will be removed. 

Be Ethical
Use of other admin's member lists for PM invites, email invites, spamming, warez, license sharing, and other illegal activites are completely inappropriate and will result in the loss of membership.

Signature Guidelines
-The maximum font size allowed in signature lines is 2.
-The maximum number of lines in a signature is 3.
-The maximum number of links or URLs in a signature is 4. 
-No images allowed in signatures except for a maximum of 2 smilies.
-Signature text should comply with our regular posting rules. No all-caps, no alternating caps, etc..
-Signature links can not be bought and sold!
-Signature text that is too long or obtrusive will be removed. This would include overly creative use of punctuation, color, etc. which make the signature too flashy.
-Signatures with just your username will be removed. Usernames are on the top of every post, so there's no need to have it in your signature too.
-No affiliate links!
-Links to other Communities may include referral ID

If your signature is in violation of any of these new rules, the Staff may remove it without prior notice. If you have any questions as to whether something is acceptable, please PM a Staff Member.

No Cross-Posting
Do not post the same discussion more than once on a discussion forum. Duplicate discussions are frustrating and counterproductive for other members, especially for those whose time and energy is limited. Duplicate discussions will be deleted.

No Advertising – Spam
Do not heedlessly place your advertisements through the Discussion Forum. This will be considered SPAM and could result in the loss of your Membership. 

No Abuse of private messages
Personal Messaging is provided to the members as a service intended to enhance the Community experience. The purpose of personal messaging is to allow for discreet conversations to take place between members. 

This privilege is not to be abused! Solicitation, spamming, or harassment of any kind is strictly forbidden. Any member receiving an inappropriate personal message should forward that message to an Administrator or Moderator right away. Please do not use private messages if the content of the message can be helpful to others.

Competing Sites
The internet is a big place, and it's no surprise that from time to time a site will come along whose mission is to occupy the same niche as Energy Flows. We have no issue with that. However, it would be against our best interests, and therefore the best interests of our members, for us to allow such sites to build upon our popularity by promoting themselves within our community. Therefore, no competing site may attempt to gain traffic in any way, including but not limited to, links in posts, signatures, profile information, PM's or emails.

No Copyrighted Material
Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity other than the member should not be posted on the discussion forum without the consent of the owner. If such an event occurs, the individual posting the information shall be held solely responsible. Energy Flows or its administrators shall not be held responsible for member-posted information that may violate copyright law.

You cannot legally post entire articles or news in the forum without permission from the copyright holder. Even if you attribute the article correctly it’s still copyright infringement. Under Fair Use provisions you can legally post a small abstract of an article - or perhaps the opening paragraph. So if you want to post an article you should do this and include a link, or just post the link. The exception to this rule is press releases; press releases are meant for distribution and can be copied and distributed as much as you want. If you are not sure if you can copy something then always err on the side of caution and simply post a link to the material.

Energy Flows discretion
The administrators reserve the right to remove a post which does not relate to the topic being discussed in the forum. That said, we cannot ensure prompt removal of offending discussion forum posts. We also reserve the right to remove your membership from you should you violate these Guidelines.

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